Membership Benefits

Becoming a Denver Kickers club member gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful clubhouse, make new friends, and enjoy discounted pricing on events and activities throughout the year. It also allows you to have a voice in the future of the Denver Kickers, and provides you with an opportunity to volunteer your time and skills at our club functions, making it a better place for everyone to enjoy.

The Denver Kickers Club needs new members in order to achieve our goals! New members provide the club with fresh ideas, new projects and additional ways to make a difference. The Denver Kickers encourage club involvement, and asks new members to volunteer for a club position. The Denver Kickers appreciate the good work our members do! Please download a membership application, or inquire while you are in attendance at the club.

Family membership is $75.00 per year, to be paid in January of the current year.
Individual membership  is $50.00 per year, to be paid in January of the current year.
Both family and individuals becoming members for the first time will pay a one-time $50.00 initiation fee.

If you have been a member for 5 years until you reach the age of 65, you then have the opportunity to become a Senior Member of the Denver Kickers Club the following year without the membership fee. If you join the Kickers and are already 65, you must be a member for 5 years before you are eligible to become a “Senior Member” and no longer required to pay dues. Members of the Denver Kickers enjoy the benefit of reduced entry tickets to most functions.

Click here to download membership application