Over 35 KSL Fall 2021 Season

• Fall season league play begins Sunday, September 12
• Games will be played at the Denver Kickers Clubhouse, Long Lake, Fairmount Park and Camp George West
• There is no limit on team player pool, but game day roster limit is 20 players
• 3 players between ages 30 and 35 are allowed on game day roster
• Team fee for Fall 2021 is $1,500.00
• $100 discount for paying in full on or before September 11
• $750.00 due on or before September 12
• Balance due October 3
• Team fees are to be paid through the link on this website through PayPal
• Player registration is through Colorado Soccer Association (CSA)
• This player registration will be good for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons
• Click on button to right to register as a player

Updates on Field Conditions after snow/rain will be posted on our Facebook page.

Pay Team Fees

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