Club Officers


Position Name Email Phone
President Joel Day [email protected] 303-601-2674
1st Vice President David Kriese [email protected] 303-601-2674
2nd Vice President Mike Naab [email protected] 303-489-2860
Treasurer Ida Johnson [email protected] 303-888-3184
Asst. Treasurer Jennifer Day [email protected] 303-807-8792
Recording Secretary Arleen Starr [email protected] 720-635-5709
Corresponding Secretary Jerry O’Grady [email protected] 303-883-8495
Director Barrett “BJ” Johnson [email protected]
Director Steve Rock [email protected] 720-934-0528
Director Conner Gertje [email protected]
Director Alex Stokeld [email protected] 720-220-9601
Director Kevin Urie [email protected] 303-730-8081
Director Mike Wisneski [email protected] 303-249-3949
Club Use Ida Johnson [email protected] 303-888-3184

Service Coordinators

Role Name Email Phone
Vorplattler Kevin Urie [email protected] 303-730-8081
Hall Information – Rental-Wedding Ida Johnson [email protected] 303-888-3184
Adult Athletic
Jerry O’Grady [email protected] 303-883-8495
Youth Athletic
Steve Rock [email protected] 303-467-2773
ADV Director of Coaching Terry Cooke [email protected]
REC Director of Coaching Chas Heaviland [email protected]
Asst. Athletic Director Joel Day [email protected] 303-601-2674
DK League Commissioner Jennifer Day [email protected] 303-807-8792 
Web Editor Jerry O’Grady [email protected] 303-883-8495