Looking to give your team an edge? Unlock your full athletic potential with the Cryogenx mobile cryotherapy service! Cryogenx brings the powerful recovery & performance technology of cryotherapy directly to your team.

We have packaged the whole-body cryotherapy experience in a mobile studio that has everything a team needs for a group cryotherapy experience. Whether at a training facility, gym, sports complex, or hotel, Cryogenx works with your team’s schedule and comes to you. Among many other health benefits, Cryotherapy has been shown to reduce pain/inflammation, improve muscle recovery, create deeper and more restorative sleep, increase metabolism and boost immune function.

Ready? Contact us at 303-305-0180 to give your team the healing benefits of cryotherapy so they can have more fun doing what they love.

For more information, visit https://www.cryogenxtherapy.com/