The Denver Kickers are delighted to announce a partnership with TopTekkers, a learning platform for aspiring soccer players ages 5-14. As children all over Colorado and the US are being instructed to stay home from school due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the mobile application TopTekkers will be used by Denver Kickers players to stay sharp and active during the break from regular team practices.

TopTekkers, a Manchester-based family business, has been in development for three years and was released in October 2019 by two brothers to help young soccer players practice away from the training field. Chris and Terry Barton, both coaches at their local youth soccer club in England, noticed a decline in the number of players putting in practice in isolation, so developed TopTekkers to give children the motivation and technical instruction needed to train individually at home.

Denver Kickers players will have access to a comprehensive library of individual practices that players can perform at home. Available on iOS and Android, TopTekkers features a number of techniques that are essential for all soccer players, including passing, shooting and dribbling. For each technique, there is a video demonstration, with simple and clear instructions for players to follow. Each technique also includes a challenge, which gives players an opportunity to practice the technique and earn cool prizes.