Winter Skills Clinic

Terry Cooke started playing professionally for Manchester United and Manchester City as well as a few other teams before moving to Colorado Rapids in 2005. Terry coaches all of his camps and clinics and keep the groups to a small manageable number. This means all players receive individual instruction and attention.

Continuing to meet the two basic needs of the athlete:

  1. The player must have the opportunity to learn The Game in a manner which will allow continued enjoyment of soccer for as long as he or she wishes to play. This includes:
    • Developing a solid foundation in the skills of the game.
    • Learning to recognize and solve the small group situations that are the building blocks of team play.
    • Acquiring a repertoire of effective soccer habits.
  2. The program must also focus on the additional benefits of participation in sports. These personal and social rewards come from what athletes learn about such things as commitment, dedication and discipline, fair play and sportsmanship, integrity, perseverance, facing challenges, resilience, accepting responsibility, pursuing excellence and developing an appreciation of the competitive process.

Our obligation in those two areas, to the player and the person, is as important for the athletes whose future lies with youth and adult recreational teams as it is for the potential National Team member. Players who commit their time and effort to this endeavor are entitled to, and can expect with the Club and its Teams, a program of the same high quality without regard to the soccer level of the group with which they play their games. While there is a significant focus within this program on preparing players for success at higher levels of play, Denver Kickers Youth Soccer remains committed to offering any dedicated player the chance to reach the Vision of Greatness that is found in the individual athlete’s highest competitive potential.


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