We’re happy there has been lots of activity around the club this summer. We’re excited to give you a little taste of what’s going on and a glimpse of what’s to come!
First, the field development project as proposed and started over 2 years ago is finally complete. This includes the new “smart” controlled sprinkler system that automatically determines the watering needs of the field. You’ll be happy to know the $300,000 project is now paid off.

Next, our World Cup Final Breakfast was a great success. Not only was it an exciting game, but we had nearly 200 in attendance. Lots of them were families and new to our club bringing “OOOs and AAAHHs” of amazement. Our guests, old and new, were very enthusiastic and had a great time!

Our recent 8 v 8 adult tournament was held last weekend with a “full house” of 15 teams. Players brought families and friends to watch and share in the fun. We received many great comments of “thanks” for hosting the event. Adult soccer games start on Sunday Sept. 9th, with 26 teams in the 035, 045 and 060 divisions. The future of the club is alive and well as can be seen on the new field with the start of the Youth Soccer season on August 25th. We now have nearly 600 children ages 4-19 in our program. Come and watch on Saturdays starting in mid-September and see some of our younger “stars” show their skills along with our dedicated staff of coaches. As the fall approaches we are busy planning for Oktoberfest on Sept. 15th, Annual Election Meeting for members Dec. 7th, a special Christmas event for Dec. 8th and New Year’s Eve Dance on Dec. 31st. Thanks for your support and hope to see you to soon!

Erich Dietrich – President, Denver Kicker’s Sport Club